Property Management

“Property management is, by definition, the operation, control, and oversight of real estate; the day-to-day maintenance and revitalization that’s necessary for real estate to remain valuable, but the processes most owners and co-ops cannot conduct alone. Landau Property Management embraces all responsibilities required so our clients may sit back and accept collected rent, worry free.”

Our services include:

Tenant Acquisition & Loyalty

We understand the importance of having the right tenants occupy your properties. Based on your specific needs and desires, LPM works tirelessly targeting and building relationships with tenant leads that will meet those standards. Employing a combination of marketing and pristine PR, LPM attracts the tenants you dream of. Because of our efforts and constant care, our clients’ tenants remain loyal and involved in the properties they inhabit, seeking to remain and cooperate.


LPM embraces all responsibilities concerning the proper care for our clients’ properties. As such, we offer the convenience of providing legal documentations such as leases, as well. Alongside a team of experienced attorneys, LPM secures the most beneficial terms of agreement available, for both our clients and their tenants.


With the object of property ownership being a return, LPM appreciates the gravity of obtaining rent and payments due. We prioritize accordingly, as well as assume full responsibility in eviction processes when collection becomes impossible.

Physical Maintenance

Mistakenly taken for granted occasionally, property upkeep and maintenance is one of LPM’s top priorities. Crucial in tenant acquisition and loyalty, property care for all of our clients is taken very seriously. Including retaining vendors that benefit all aspects of our clients’ properties, responding quickly to tenant concerns, and maintaining state regulations are all part of what we provide.

Financial Maintenance

As important as physical building maintenance and upkeep is, we never forget the importance of meeting deadlines for bills and invoices. Having a significant effect of our clients’ vendor relationships, we assume control and responsibility for paying all your bills on time, adding to your stress-free environment.