About us

We’ve had the privilege to work with some awesome clients!

It isn’t enough to say we are property managers. Here at LPM we put the real in real estate. With half a decade of property management under our belts, we know what our clients need and want, and more importantly, we know how to please both our clients and tenants so operations run smoothly and tenants feel comfortable and at-home.
With properties throughout Philadelphia, South Jersey, and Upstate NY, we’re well versed in the required legalities for each state, the standards and desires for each area, as well as constantly available spaces for rent, effectively keeping our properties on the forefront of renters’ minds.

We have been more than pleased with the services and care we receive from Landau's Property Management as our commercial management company. Gary and team are incredibly conscientious and provide an outstanding service in maintaining our Jersey buildings. When we switched management companies a year ago and chose Landau's, our building became a source of income for us rather than the loss & stress that it had been. Landau's Property Management provides superior, prompt, and quality services to take care of every need our rental building and renters encounter. We look forward to utilizing their services for many years to come and would highly recommend them to other owners looking for a management company for their buildings. (Feel free to call me and ask me over the phone.... I’d be happy to tell you in person too!).

Ms. Greenblat

Hi, Mr. Gary landau and all the Landau Property Management family. I hope this E-mail will find you and your staff well. In this time of adversity, we can only praise Landau's Property Management for the terrific job you folks are doing. Hopefully, everything will work out for the best. I certainly believe that the USA economy, especially the NY/NJ economy will pick up to the levels that it was before the tragic events of Sep 11. My mother and I are very grateful for the services rendered during our ownership. We have nothing but good memories and excellent treatment from Landau's Property Management. We think that the value and personal attention given by you and your staff is a trademark of Landau's Property Management. I can't list all the wonderful things that Landau's did to us, but we can tell you that in a little more than a year we have not had a single complain! Thanks to Landau's Property Management the new owner is going to find a house in good condition. We can only thank you again for everything. Keep doing that great job! Landau's Property Management, America needs you. Our warmest greetings..

Shulem Fried